About Our Service

The South Lee Autism Service is a child and family centred service that works collaboratively to support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and their families to understand ASD and the influence it may have on themselves and their family.

The following is some information about the referral process for South Lee ASD Services:

The following is some information about the model of serve in South Lee ASD Services:

Please read the following information to gain an understanding of what to expect from the service, should your child be eligible for intervention.


REMINDER: Information around July Provision can be found at this link https://www.education.ie/en/Parents/Services/July-Provision/Home-Based.html

Upcoming Events

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Check out this show which has hosted lots of great guest speakers including Tony Attwood and Michelle Garcia Winner, parents and professionals!

It can be either tuned in on radio at 98.3fm or online at https://www.ucc.ie/en/983fm/listenlive/

The Facebook page is at

https://www.facebook.com/autismjourneysradioshow98.3fm/ and

if people connect go to that Page, there’s a picture of a button and under that is a play option.

It’s on every 2nd Wednesday afternoon, from 2 to 3pm.




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