Progressing Disability Services (PDS)

About Progressing Disability Services for Children and Young People -

What is this programme about?

At present, there are some very good services for children with disabilities and their families but also some large gaps. There may be a service for children with an intellectual disability in a locality, but none for children with a physical disability. Some children and their families have little or no access to services.

We need a fairer way to provide services for children with disabilities:

  • Services should be based on a child’s needs rather than on their diagnosis
  • Children and families should have services available wherever they live

A national programme called ‘Progressing Disability Services for Children & Young People’ (often shortened to PDS) is changing the way services are provided across the country to make it equitable and consistent for all.

(Taken from the HSE website)

Information Sessions for Families

The recording of the information session with a Q and A, held in December 2020 is now available on the Brothers of Charity Youtube Channel at:

Family Bulletins

Family bulletins will be issued to families across Cork during the 6 months lead in phase: September 2020 – March 2021 to keep you up to date with the programme. Please find below a link to the bulletins.

PDS bulletin Dec 2020

You can find more information about PDS at:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the office on 021 4347087.

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