Telephone Contact with Marian House

To people who need to phone the Brothers of Charity South Lee ASD Team or the Regional ASD Team:

We are aware that people find it difficult and frustrating to make telephone contact with either of our services, at times. We fully understand that this is not helpful for families and other people who need to make contact with us.

By way of explanation, we have two sets of problems that might explain this difficulty.

We have a relatively old telephone system and we are informed by the telephone provider that this system will not support a telephone answering service. When one of the telephone lines is occupied or when a telephone call is being answered, another person who is trying to make telephone contact will hear not hear an engaged tone. Our base here at Marian House is temporary pending the Progressing Disabilities reorganization so there is no funding available for a telephone upgrade.

Secondly, we do not have full staff cover for receptionist duties as all administrative staff have considerable clerical workloads which needs to get done.

So, we will do our best to answer the telephone from 9.30 -11am daily and from 1.30 – 3.30 PM daily.

An alternative method of making contact is by email to either: for South Lee ASD team enquiries; and for Regional ASD team enquiries.

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