Transition to Secondary School

Transition to Secondary School Guidelines

What are my child’s options at secondary school level?

Currently there are 3 options of school placement for children with ASD who are transitioning to secondary school. These are:
1. Mainstream School (with supports)
2. Special class (attached to a mainstream school)
3. Special School

My child is transitioning to secondary school: what reports will I need?
– Most children will not need a review Psychological, Occupational Therapy or Speech and Language report for secondary school. A review may only be required in exceptional circumstances such as significant difficulties accessing the curriculum. The vast majority of learning difficulties can be identified by your child’s primary school.
– Your child’s existing diagnostic report (regardless of the age of the report) will be sufficient to access resource teaching at second level.
– Children who require a special class placement may require a supporting letter from    Marian House. These letters will not be issued until your child is in 6th Class.
– Children who require SNA access may require a review of their care needs and a letter from Marian House. This does not take place until your child is in 6th Class.

What do I need to do as a parent?
(A) Is it essential that you contact your Special Education Needs Organiser (SENO) to make them aware that you child is transitioning to secondary school. Your primary school can provide you with the contact details for your SENO.
(B) When your child is in 5th you should begin to prepare them for the move to secondary school. To help with this process we have developed a skills checklist that helps parents and teachers target skills that children need to develop for secondary school. These skills can be added to IEP targets. This checklist is available to download from the Marian House blog
(C) Meet with your child’s primary school to discuss the level of support your child is currently receiving and in what areas. If your child is accessing SNA support it may be time to plan for increased independence depending on their needs. This discussion may help inform your secondary school decision.

What does my child’s primary school need to do?
(A) We recommend that school use The ‘Transitioning to Secondary School Workbook’ collaboratively between you, your child and their resource teacher, depending on the needs of the child. The workbook was designed to serve as a template to help create an individualized resource to meet each child’s transition needs. As the workbook is quite lengthy, it is best to use only those pages that would be of most benefit. There are examples of Social Stories as well as ideas on other activities that would be useful at the end of each section.
(B) We suggest that Transition Reports could be completed by class teacher and/or resource teachers in your child’s primary school as they are more than familiar with your child’s needs. The South Lee ASD team in Marian House will continue to issue guidelines and online resources to assist Resource Teachers with Transition Plans. A sample report and report template is available to download from the Marian House blog

Parental Concerns
– If you are concerned about your child’s academic progress you can request that your school principal discuss your child with the school’s NEPS Psychologist
–  If you are unsure as to whether your child requires a special class/school placement you can contact Marian House for support in the decision making process.

•Seno Contact List
•Marian House Blog (Search transition)
•Autism Education Trust Transition Toolkit:>
•NCSE Transition information booklet:

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